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The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!


 Why are frogs so happy? They eat what bugs them!

Hire Harry the Clown for Your Party

When was the last time you went to a party with a clown performing, and you didn’t have an amazing time? Never, right? That’s because clowns are the tiny glue that always holds the whole event together. Our point is that we all need clowns. If hiring a clown is something you plan to do for your next party, then Harry the Clown and his team have plenty of options to offer you, spreading positivity and happiness among your guests.

Being a Clown

It’s more than just face paint and oversized pantaloons that make clowns popular among audiences of any age. It’s their performances, with parodying contemporary figures, singing, dancing, and that spread around their charismatic energy. Clowns, in all their kinds, in the past and today, have always been the most entertaining form on every organized event, or amusement park. They are comedians and actors whose job is to make people laugh. Inside this modern clowning world, everything is just like it was decades ago because becoming part of the clown world means allowing for openness and always being in the mood of having fun. Every clown loves the job he does, and he loves it when people enjoy it.

Events Where Harry the Clown Usually Performs

When it comes to visiting Las Vegas, the first thing that always crosses your mind is the best casinos, full of rich gamblers who play the most popular casino games and win enormous amounts of real money. However, Harry the Clown also enjoys visiting Vegas, accompanied by his team of professional clowns, not just to gamble, but to perform on different entertaining events too, in front of big audiences. They have been doing parties in Las Vegas for almost ten years as a full-time job. During summer months they also perform on circus fairs and traveling carnivals around the country. Their performances are highly interactive so they can keep the attention of every single guest, no matter their age.

Different Clown Activities at a Party

The main purpose of this site is to promote and present the time-honored job of being a professional clown, at the same time expanding this clown community using social media as a tool to do so. Check out what our customers have said about our entertaining performances and see our list of activities that make us stand out from the other clowns.
  • Magic Show and Tricks
  • Clown’s Workshops
  • Storytelling
  • Face Painting
  • Playing Fun Games
  • Music and Dancing

HARRY the CLOWN and HARRIETTE the CLOWN specialize in